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Zoom Funeral Service to Clients – Connecting to Honour

Sprackett Family:  Recently my husband died and with Covid-19 restrictions, how do we Celebrate and Honour his life? We knew we didn’t want to delay this but neither did we have the “skill set” for a Zoom Virtual Celebration. Thanks to a good friend, we were connected to Diane Ellison After a lengthy chat, I knew we had the right person, for us. A zoom meeting with Diane, my 2 sons and myself was soon scheduled. At the conclusion of that meeting, my sons were also totally convinced Diane had the technical skills as well as the professional abilities, to be our guide and support. She listened to what we wanted, made suggestions re the format and content, always assuring us that we could utilize, discard and share our preferences.

The family has received many positive comments about how special this entire celebration of a life was.  Family and friends were major contributors to the day. The goal had been to try to create a warm and personal environment, when we couldn’t gather publically. There is no doubt that goal was achieved!

We highly recommend Diane, should you and your family be “faced” with this same dilemma. 

Diane Sprackett

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